Welcome to BS Bingo, is is so nice to see you.

The BS Bingo app hav a long history, is was one of the first of it's kind in the Apple App store back in 2010.

At that time Apple was not that pickey with the types of app, going into the store. I sure that if you came with an app like this today you proberly woudn't get it approved by apple.

What is BS Bingo

I will let you put in the words for B.S. your self, as I don't want to offend anyone.

It is a bingo card of buzz words that you tend to hear especally from the management, when trying to inspire the employees.

And at meetings like that you can choose a couple of approaches.

  • Sleep app through the meeting. Not the smartst thing, and it is hard to hide when your snorring
  • Be active, keep arsking questions, making comments, communicate with your head/eyes to the other participants. Can be benificial, but can back-fire
  • Play BS Bingo, it is discreet, unless you choose to shout out when you get bingo, that part is ussually not reccomented

You get a list of words, that you ticks off when ever you hear it or something near it.

It lets you keep focus of what the presenter is saying, so you will actually get something out of the meeting, and you might even get the message.

Enjoy and share

The current version of BS Bingo, are completly free, you don't pay for it nor are you pushed with ads.
so I would appriciate if you share the app with your friends and coleauges, then you can also play togeather

Download on the App store

But there is more

Check the architecture, as this is quite a greate demo app aswell, it has the complete architecture, with a backend, Mobile App and web-app

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